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Sport Psychology - Mental Skills Sessions

Group mental skills sessions help coaches, athletes, and teams develop a high-performance mindset. These sessions teach evidence-based skills to: foster teamwork; build confidence; focus attention; manage nerves/emotions; deal with negative self-talk; gain motivation; and embrace the many challenges of sport.

If you are interested in scheduling mental skill sessions for you and your team, please contact us. 

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for Painful Sex

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for Painful Sex is a 10-week scientifically-based treatment program for women and gender diverse individuals experiencing pain during sexual activity. CBT focuses on how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours influence pain and sexuality. Topics include: education about conditions that cause painful intercourse; tools to reduce pain and its negative impact on your life; material to facilitate the experience of sexual desire and arousal; skills training on communication with romantic/sexual partners; and help with restoring sexual pleasure and intimacy

If you are interested in participating in CBT for painful sex, please contact us. 

If you are interested in the group entitled, "The Journey from Pain to Pleasure: Overcoming Genital-Pelvic Pain" by Dr. Natalie Stratton, our former co-director, please contact Dr. Stratton ( at Emerald Light Psychology ( 

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