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Professional Trainings

Clinical Supervision

Who we supervise:

  • Masters- or doctoral-level clinical psychology practicum students enrolled in a Canadian or American institute

  • Masters- or doctoral-level psychologists under provisional/candidate registration with a provincial Canadian regulatory board

What to expect:

  • Matched with a team member of Coastal Psychology

  • Collaboratively established training goals, consistent with your institute or regulatory board requirements

  • A caseload of clients consistent with your training goals and requirements

  • Recurrent reserved supervision timeslots

  • Ongoing constructive feedback to enhance learning and professional development

If you are interested in receiving clinical supervision at Coastal Psychology, please contact us


Clinical Consultation and Trainings

We offer clinical consultation and trainings to healthcare practitioners. This service is delivered in-person, by telephone, or by video conferencing to Canadian and American healthcare providers from any and all healthcare disciplines. 

This service can be modified to include:

  • Consultation and collaborative treatment planning for a specific clinical case or combination of cases

  • Training in the delivery of a specific empirically supported treatment (e.g., CBT for Eating Disorders)

  • Training in evidence-based practice 

If you are interested in receiving clinical consultation and/or trainings please contact us

Clinical Consultation
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