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Professional Trainings

Clinical Supervision

At Coastal Psychology, we believe that learning is an on-going, lifelong process. As a result, we employ a developmental approach to supervision. In line with our cognitive-behavioural therapeutic orientation, supervision is structured and collaborative. Expectations and evaluation standards are clearly established at the outset. Through a combination of reading, observing, and practicing, we aim to improve the supervisee’s competency in assessment, case conceptualization, treatment planning, CBT intervention skills, and professional ethics. Along with these competencies, we hope to foster confidence and autonomy in our supervisees.

Who we supervise:

  • Masters- or doctoral-level psychology students

  • Doctoral-level candidate register psychologists

What to expect:

  • Collaboratively establish training goals

  • Schedule a recurrent reserved one-on-one supervision timeslot (frequency of supervision will depend upon the level and qualifications of the supervisee)

  • Receive ongoing constructive feedback in order to enhance learning

  • Access evidence-based treatment manuals and books


Opportunities as a supervisee include:

  1. Administer psychodiagnostic assessments

  2. Administer problem-based intake assessments

  3. Conduct individual therapy

  4. Co-facilitate group therapy​


If you are interested in receiving clinical supervision at Coastal Psychology, please contact us


Clinical Consultation

We offer clinical consultation to healthcare practitioners in-person, by telephone, or by video conferencing. Specifically, our expertise includes cognitive-behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy for a variety of mental health difficulties.


If you are interested in receiving clinical consultation, please contact us


Clinical Consultation
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